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I don't have time to come in for an appointment. Can I still get my taxes done?

The majority of our work is done when people drop their documents off or email them to us. If it is easier for you to simply put all your tax documents in an envelope and mail them to us, bring the envelope to us, or email us images of the documents, please do that. We want the process to be as easy and convenient for you as possible. You can find our contact information here.

Do you have any other locations?

We have a locations in Bountiful and Logan, Utah. Visit Logan Utah Tax Prep website here.

What documents do I need to get my taxes prepared?

The documents that each person needs for their tax return is very unique. For your convenience, we have prepared a Client Organizer that you may go through to remind yourself of different things you might need to gather. Please bring in the organizer and checklist, along with any documents it asks for.

Click here for the Client Organizer:

Why should I have Affordable Tax & Accounting help me with my financial goals?

By charging fair and affordable prices, you are able to keep your money for more important things. Many tax preparation companies are simply out to make money off of you. Their advertised prices don't include state returns, e-filing, refund fees, and fees for many forms; they only mention these additional fees when you're all done and about to file. 

We will work and research to find you all the tax benefits you qualify for. And, if you owe, we will work to get that as low as possible. We know more and can discover more than an at-home, DIY program can. The same applies for our ability to work with the IRS on your behalf.

Similarly, the goal of our bookkeeping and business set-up services is to benefit you. We will always recommend what is in your best interest - not ours.