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 "They aren't lying when they say CPA quality at  affordable prices."     - Kelly T.

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Affordable Price - Twice the Service...with a Smile.

Our Mission is to give you CPA quality yet personal service at prices the average person can afford. Most companies are just out to make money on you and you're just a number. Not at Affordable Tax & Accounting. We spend time with you, we ask you the right questions, we personally assist you in your tax planning and preparation. We aren't out doing audits and employing some college kid to do your taxes like most CPA firms do. We work one-on-one with you. 

 "I look back on the days  when I proudly did my own  taxes with a tinge of regret  now-Brian really knows  what he is doing! If you  need an accountant or a tax  preparer, call Brian Horne  today!"     - Mike Edwards

 "Over the years I have used several different  agencies from H&R Block to Top 10 Accounting  firms, and I can honestly say that none of them  can touch the experience that I receive from  Brian."     - Brad Stone

Where's My Refund?

Haven't received your refund from the IRS yet? You can easily find out where it is here.